The Next Phase: the College DAO x UBA Merger Unlocks New Synergies in the Student Blockchain Space

The blockchain revolution is in full swing, driven not only by seasoned pioneers but also by the next generation – college students. Over the summer, the two largest student communities in the blockchain space, College DAO, and the UBA, merged with the goal of taking this revolution into hyperdrive.

This merger charts a new course where college communities play an active part in charting the trajectory of the blockchain space. It’s a clarion call to action for both students seeking to leave their mark on a rapidly expanding industry and industry veterans keen on tapping into fresh, innovative perspectives. Dive in with us as we explore this journey – this isn’t just our story; it’s the future of blockchain.

The UBA Story

In the nascent stages of the blockchain revolution, central Illinois was a microcosm of a larger, global trend. Universities in the region, particularly smaller schools, found themselves grappling with an increasingly tech-savvy student population hungry for knowledge about these emerging technologies. With the founding of the UBA, Nicholas Harness set out on a mission: to equip these schools with the resources, support, and guidance needed to effectively navigate the uncharted seas of Web3.

The University Blockchain Alliance

As news of this initiative spread, it struck a chord with a nationwide audience. Campus communities across the US, driven by intrigue for the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology, didn’t just join UBA – they took up the mantle. Each new community became an active node in a rapidly expanding network, facilitating learning and leading their local communities into the uncharted territories of blockchain. The organization, providing vital networking connections and resource-sharing platforms, actively encouraged these communities to collaborate, enabling powerful cross-pollination of ideas and initiatives.

From the vibrant tech-centric college towns of Illinois to the dynamic pulse of New York, UBA’s influence steadily expanded, transforming the educational landscape. Before long – UBA’s mission transcended geographical boundaries, reaching international shores like the UK. Its footprint continues to grow, establishing new clubs, and expanding its network in the process.

College DAO

Also born out of the Midwest at the University of Michigan, College DAO emerged with a distinctive mission that complemented UBA’s foundational work. UBA had cultivated a network, fostering a culture of cross-collaboration. Meanwhile, College DAO was eager to provide a robust operational structure to supercharge the activities of blockchain clubs worldwide.

The vision of College DAO was to empower clubs to think ambitiously, 10x operations, and deepen collaborative interactions across campuses. Achieving this vision required industry support. Thus, College DAO embarked on a mission to build bridges, connecting the brightest minds in the student community with industry veterans and laying the foundation for grassroots educational initiatives designed to leverage these connections.

The College DAO team and Nicholas made first contact at ETH Denver. Both teams shared their visions for the student space and found common ground. As collaboration extended and UBA and College DAO continued to work on combined initiatives like the very first Twitter Tour, the option to merge was floated to combine the complementary strengths of College DAO and the UBA. Operating within the same space but fulfilling distinct purposes, both organizations offered unique advantages that, when combined, can create major synergies benefiting the student blockchain community.

  • Streamlined Operations: The merger effectively streamlines operations, eliminating duplicated efforts and offering the industry a single, unified point of contact for the student community. This consolidation creates a more efficient and effective platform for driving our shared mission forward.
  • Community Impact: College DAO’s operational structures, bolstered by the largest network of blockchain clubs, activates student community on an unprecedented scale. The merger strengthens these efforts, providing a broader platform for collaboration and initiative building.
  • Expanded Partnerships: By combining our respective corporate contacts and existing partnerships, we can exponentially increase our industry engagement, offering our community greater access to resources, knowledge, and opportunities.
College DAO Merges with the University Blockchain Alliance

The merger marked a significant milestone in the student blockchain space. Today, College DAO stands as the fastest-growing and largest student collective in the world, boasting an expansive community that continues to grow and inspire others. The journey that began in a few midwest college towns has now turned into a worldwide mission to transform blockchain education, one student at a time.

On the Horizon

As we move beyond the merger, College DAO’s vision extends further than traditional education. We’re not just about providing a platform for learning, but about forging meaningful relationships between the industry and on-campus communities. To manifest this vision, we have crafted a roadmap that charts the path toward this transition. Here is a snippet of what we have in store for this year:

The College DAO Hub

The first step on this path is the launch of an innovative platform – the College DAO Hub, scheduled for introduction in Q4 of 2023. This unique tool is designed to streamline connections between clubs and the industry. For industry partners, it’s a one-stop solution to foster partnerships, manage projects, and form unprecedented connections with the student community. For students, it’s a gateway to hands-on experience, mentorship from industry veterans, and opportunities to influence the blockchain space.

The College DAO Hub aims to underscore the importance of streamlined communication and seamless partnerships. By empowering university relations teams from the industry to nurture deeper relationships with students, we’re making the collaboration process more efficient, leading to higher engagement, better project outcomes, and a richer learning experience – It’s about turning learning into action, and action into impact.

College DAO Hub

The College DAO Foundry

As we delve deeper into our conversations with clubs, the need for continuous engagement and a robust network within partner companies becomes more evident. Our response is the Foundry – a space where students can source consulting and technical projects where they do research, build courses, develop technologies, and contribute to the blockchain future.

At the Foundry, every project becomes an incremental development towards something tangible, valuable, and potentially transformative. Students aren’t just working on assignments – they are building integral components of the blockchain ecosystem and shipping live products.

College DAO Foundry

Calling Builders, Visionaries, and Innovators

This journey would not have been possible without the unwavering support from our vibrant student community and the industry’s openness to foster education in the blockchain space. We express our deepest gratitude to all who have been with us on this path. We invite everyone – students eager to learn and grow, key thought leaders, mentors, founders, university relations teams, professors, regulators university administrators and industry professionals – to join us in this endeavor.

There’s still a long way to go, and much work to be done. But with the support of our community, we’re confident we’re on the right path.