College DAO Twitter Tour 2023

US College Twitter Tour 2023

Join us as we take a closer look at the underground blockchain revolution that’s taking place on college campuses. We will have roundtable discussions involving the top blockchain communities and industry players.

Blockchain Futurist Conference 2023

The Blockchain Futurist Conference is the largest blockchain & cryptocurrency event in Canada! It brings together 100+ world-class speakers, industry experts, and thought leaders to discuss blockchain technology, NFTs, Metaverse, DeFi, Cryptocurrency, and DAOs.

Community members can use the code “COLLEGE30” for 30% OFF the tickets.

Bit Block Summit 2023

Bit Block Summit NYC 2023

The Bit Block Summit 2023 is the largest blockchain and AI Conference held this year from 1st to 2nd June in New York City. Hear from top projects at the Demo Day, and thought leaders at the intersection of Blockchain and the AI revolution.

Past Events

ETH Denver 2023

ETH Denver 2023

Catch College DAO at ETH Denver 2023! 10 student builders flew out to the Mile High City to experience the blockchain conference live, hack together, and interact with industry professionals, right at the heart of the largest blockchain event of the year.

Consensus 2023 - Free Student Tickets

College DAO is excited to partner with CoinDesk to offer a limited number of FREE TICKETS to students for Consensus 2023 – one of the premier blockchain conferences in the world! Join us in Austin, TX.

Cornell Blockchain Conference 2023

Cornell Blockchain Conference 2023

Cornell Blockchain will again be hosting The annual Cornell Blockchain Conference. Last year’s Conference attracted over 300 industry leaders, top academics, passionate students, investors, and regulators.


DAO Global Hackathon 2023

The DAO Global Hackathon is an exciting 4-week virtual event from Apr 10 to May 7, bringing hackers, builders and DAO operators to leverage existing tools and governance primitives to enable the next generation of DAOs.

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