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College DAO builds connections between campus blockchain groups and forges partnerships with blockchain industry partners. This brings the world of Web3 closer to the college community, and accelerates adoption.

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How We Started In 2022

College DAO has its beginnings in early 2022, where we found that there was a lack of a community learning platform across different campuses. Different universities had disparate learning groups and having a larger community would accelerate learning while enabling bigger scale projects.

The interface between Web3 and Colleges

We connect different student organizations and establish new systems for universities to interact with commercial players. This grants our members the opportunity to learn from real-world Web3 teams and get up to speed on the latest technologies and practices.

Taking it further

The next phase brings in education on a broad scale and empowers student organizations on college campuses to learn about the blockchain, build projects, and join teams that are working on launching exciting products and startups.

The College DAO team comprises engineers, traders, product managers and marketers who have had experience at major blockchain companies and are keen on building the bridge between college campuses and the larger Web3 ecosystem.

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